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WAU Student - Overnight Front Desk Professional, Halcyon Hall

Takoma Park, Maryland
  Washington Adventist University
Job Description

Job Title:               Overnight Front Desk Professional
Department:          Residence Hall - Women   
Reports To:           Dean of Women
Prepared By:         Dean of Women
Position includes responsibility for front desk operation to support residence hall, particularly in an overnight capacity.
The following are the duties and responsibilities for this position. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Applicant must be available to work overnight shift (12 am- 6 am).
  • Providing friendly and warm greetings to all
  • Remain alert of all activity taking place at front desk and in lobby at all times
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Transfer incoming calls to appropriate department or individuals
  • Make public address announcements
  • Notify dean on duty or security of emergencies
  • Insure visitors and workers sign in upon entering residence hall
  • Seek appropriate approval from Dean on Duty for residents requesting males to assist in moving items to rooms
  • Monitor front desk forms and supplies (sign-in/sign out sheets, log sheets, pens, etc.)
  • Read and know all current residence hall notices, announcements, and revised policies/procedures
  • Maintain confidentiality of resident room numbers and phone extensions
  • Keep desk, trash can, and work area clean free from trash and clutter
  • Enter all information pertaining to events occurring during shift for next Front Desk Professional in the Front Desk Professional log
  • Ensure all residence hall keys are accounted for before end of shift
  • Keep timecard current
  • Attend all Front Desk Professional meetings
  • In cases of illness or excused absence from work coordinate with other Front Desk Professionals, Sub-Front Desk Professionals, Assistant Head Front Desk Professional, or Head Desk Professional to cover shift and document shift change in log book
  • Arrive on time for each shift
  • Dress appropriately for Sabbath shifts and during residence hall open hours of 6am – Curfew (no hoodies, pajamas, low cut or revealing clothing, etc. see student handbook section on dress code).
  • Do not allow fliers to be posted without approval from Dean on Duty
  • Know emergency response procedures (see Desk Professional Manual)
  • Secure payments from guests in appropriate locked box
  • Keep male rest room locked
  • Monitor camera while on duty
  • Packages and residents personal items are not to be received or left at the desk
  • No cell phones are to be used at work
  • Date all sign-in/sign-out sheets with current date at curfew each night.
  • Applicant must be female.
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