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Director of Custodial Services

Takoma Park, MD
Job Title:               Director of Custodial Services
Department:          Facilities
Reports To:           Executive Director of Facility Services


Washington Adventist University (WAU) is a Christ-centered institution of higher education that supports a culture of excellence where all feel valued.  Nestled in a desirable residential community in Takoma Park, Maryland, WAU offers its faculty and staff an environment where professional expertise is valued and lasting connections between co-workers are formed as we work together to ensure the success of our students.  Regardless of title, every employee supports WAU’s vision of producing graduates who bring moral leadership and competence to their communities.
Manages Custodial services for WAU’s main campus by providing leadership to crew supervisors and office personnel and custodians; formulating short and long term plans; and managing the department budget.  Determines the organizational structure, goals and procedures that drive the department.  Provides input and/or makes hiring decisions for all department positions

  1. Provide leadership and guidance for department personnel.
  • Meet regularly with crew supervisors, staff employees, and office personnel: provide information, request input, guide planning and decision making.  Interview and hire for these positions as needed.
  • Respond to requests for input on a variety of items such as spending, training, performance management, equipment care, prioritization, etc.
  • Create timelines, determine resources (human, monetary, time, etc.) needed, assign resources to projects, oversee progress, direct and redirect as needed.
  • Provide performance management including regular feedback and formal evaluations to all direct reports; work with supervisors on a performance plan and/or disciplinary action when needed for one of their crew members; work with Human Resources for terminations or significant disciplinary actions.
  • Approve timecards for all employees.
  • Provide pertinent information to all employees via meetings, email or department newsletter.
  1. Plan and oversee major department functions throughout the year.
  • Determine quarterly staffing needs for custodial and oversee hiring (advise wage, start date, position) and formation of crews and schedules, including considerations such as budget, skill level, schedule availability, etc.
  • Work with Executive Director of Facilities and accounting office to formulate annual budget and maintain an understanding of it throughout the year.  Make purchasing plans and decisions in accordance with budget and university policy.
  • Ensure that other processes occurring at regular intervals are organized and implemented in a timely manner: performance reviews, preparation for major weekends.
  • Oversee projects as needed; walk/drive around campus to maintain awareness of campus appearance in relation to Custodial.
  • Coordinate and manage graduation physical setup and takedown: recruit, hire, create work assignments and approve timecards for student employees, work closely with President's Office and other departments as needed to ensure timely preparation for graduation, prepare supplies and provide instruction and guidance throughout the process.
  1. Plan/organize/provide training and safety program, department policies.
  • Ensure that regular safety reminders are provided via department newsletter/meetings/posters/emails/coordinators/etc.
  • Oversee continued development and accurate implementation of training program, including thorough and documented training on equipment, work procedures, chemical safety, etc.
  • Initiate regular updating of safety information.
  • Enforce safety practices at all levels.
  • Sign accident/incident reports and take steps to prevent future issues.
  • Periodically oversee updates to employee handbook and the variety of policies and procedures under which employees operate.  Write new policies/procedures as needed.
  1. Communicate regularly with management and others outside the department.
  • Provide information to Executive Director of Facilities, and other offices as needed - topics include budget, major personnel issues or decisions, etc.
  • Respond to information or requests from customers - may be in person, by phone or email.
  • Meet with sales representatives, safety personnel and others as needed.
  1. Provides timely, responsive and professional customer service, and quality assurance.
  • Inspects each campus building and dormitory on at least a quarterly basis to review level of service being provided
  • Responds to messages, emails and voicemails on a timely basis
  • Follows up on requests and/or complaints from campus personnel
  1. Performs other duties as assigned formally or informally, orally or in writing.

“Non-essential” If a duty takes up less than 5% of the employees’ time and is not viewed as a critical function it is likely considered “non-essential” within the context of the ADA. These duties could be reassigned to another employee in order to allow a disabled individual to hold the position.

Supervision Received:  Employee receives general instructions regarding scope of and approach to projects or assignments, but procedures and techniques are left to the discretion of the employee. Employees are expected to operate with a reasonable degree of independence.
Supervision Given: Yes, Administrative Assistant, Custodial workers, and student workers.

  • Education:  Minimum: High school diploma or GED equivalent. Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or related area or equivalent experience.
  • Licenses/Certifications: Current driver’s license.
  • Experience/Skills
  • Years of experience: 1-3 years of experience, 3-5 preferred.
  • Quality/Compliance: Achieving a standard of excellence with our work processes and outcomes, demonstrating strong attention to detail, honoring University policies and all regulatory requirements, and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Customer Focus: Striving for high customer satisfaction, going out of their way to be helpful and pleasant, making it easy as possible on the customer rather than our department or the University.
  • Communication: Balancing listening and talking, speaking and writing clearly and accurately, influencing others, keeping others informed.
  • Collegiality: Being helpful, respectful, approachable and team-oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment, and ability to relate to and work with diverse groups of people.
  • Initiative: Taking ownership of work responsibilities, doing what is needed without being asked, following through.
  • Efficiency: Planning ahead, managing time well, being on time and dependable, being cost conscious, thinking of better ways to do things.
  • Coachability:  Being receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embracing continuous improvement.
  • People Management: Setting clear expectations, reviewing progress, providing timely feedback and guidance, holding people accountable.

Minimum: Computer aptitude, including the ability to learn a variety of software and select applications that will benefit the department (for example, improving efficiency) Preferred: Custodial management: ability to manage essential daily cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.


Job Conditions: Frequent: On-call/after-hours work, Computer use, Fast-paced work, Unscheduled interruptions and Speaking, reading and understanding English. Occasional: Working more than 40 hours/week, Weekend Work, Work with chemicals and Driving/operating machinery or vehicles.
Lifting/Moving: Occasional: Pushing, Pulling, Lifting and Carrying 30-40 pounds.
Physical: Frequent: Walking and/or running, Moving from one location to another, Sitting, Reaching, handling, fingering, and/or feeling, Talking and/or hearing, and Seeing/vision. Occasional: Standing and Using feet/legs to control equipment.
Environment: Frequent: Indoor Occasional: Outdoor, Wet/Dry Conditions, Cold/Heat, Fumes/Dust/Odors and Sometimes works with chemicals.
Equipment: Computer, motor vehicles, copier, printer, and other office devices.

Title VII Exception Notice
Washington Adventist University is a religiously qualified Equal Opportunity Employer under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  As such the University has the legal right to prefer a member of the Seventh-day Adventist ("SDA") Church in its hiring process. In the event that a qualified SDA candidate is not identified, the University will give the opportunity to candidates who must understand and respect the mission, purpose, and identity of Washington Adventist University as a condition of their employment.
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