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WAU Student - Bridge Success Coach, BH Center for Student Success

Takoma Park, Maryland
Washington Adventist University
Job Description

Job Title          Bridge Success Coach
Department:    Betty Howard Center for Student Success
Reports To:     The Dean of Betty Howard Center for Student Success
Date:                 Immediate Opening
Washington Adventist University (WAU) is a Christ-centered institution of higher education that supports a culture of excellence where all feel valued.  Nestled in a desirable residential community in Takoma Park, Maryland, WAU offers its faculty and staff an environment where professional expertise is valued and lasting connections between co-workers are formed as we work together to ensure the success of our students.  Regardless of title, every employee supports WAU’s vision of producing graduates who bring moral leadership and competence to their communities.
The WAU Bridge Program is required for all WAU conditionally-admitted students. It is designed to provide students with tools to help them succeed in college, as well as help them earn academic credits toward graduation.The Bridge Program will allow students to focus on academics, while building confidence in their ability to succeed at Washington Adventist University. Students will grow by practicing, learning and study strategies, while becoming familiar with the WAU campus community and building connections with faculty and staff members.

The Bridge Success Coach will be an integral part of the program, working individually with the Bridge scholars to improve their learning skills and increase their opportunity to complete the semester program with a 2.00 GPA.  The success coach will meet weekly with assigned scholar for 1 hour, providing support, referral, and connection to additional need support.
  • Administers the activities of a learning resource or support to assist WAU Bridge scholars
  • Supports the design and delivery of academic resources such as tutoring, remedial and other student programs and services, in a variety of modes, including on-line.
  • Assists in the delivery of training programs, lectures, workshops, seminars, and special events related to Bridge scholars.
  • Collaborates with various university offices to improve student and faculty services.
  • Serves as a resource expert for students and faculty regarding center programs and if needed, technology issues related to the scholar learning experience.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
  • Develops a personal, collaborative relationship with assigned students and provides individualized guidance and ongoing feedback.
  • Assesses student needs and connects them to existing college resources; identifies resources to enhance both academic success and personal development.
  • Assists in the implementation of action plans to achieve student-defined success.
  • Encourages students to achieve self-awareness and identify their strengths, values, and interests.
  • Assists students in developing decision-making skills.
  • Supports students in honing time management skills to utilize time better, prioritize commitments, and meet deadlines.
  • Provides students with college success techniques through a wide variety of means
  • Intervenes with appropriate program support services and referrals to faculty learning resources and/or college student success.
  • Tracks student success based on university and college wide retention.  Performance Indicators; evaluates, documents, and reports on student academic participation and progress.
  • Must be a currently enrolled WAU student
  • Graduate Student in the Counseling Program
  • Bachelor’s degree
The following qualifications are preferred:
  • Coaching/advising/counseling experience in higher education
  • Experience using holistic and strengths-based approaches to student development
  • Familiar with college context and developmental education.
  • Possess the ability to work well in a student-centered, diverse, dynamic, time-sensitive, and responsive unit.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and pay attention to details
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative, work as a team-player with others.
Title VII Exception Notice
Washington Adventist University is a religiously qualified Equal Opportunity Employer under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  As such the University has the legal right to prefer a member of the Seventh-day Adventist ("SDA") Church in its hiring process. In the event that a qualified SDA candidate is not identified, the University will give the opportunity to candidates who must understand and respect the mission, purpose, and identity of Washington Adventist University as a condition of their employment.

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